MD5 All Files In Current Dir With Progress

Here’s an example of how to md5 all the files in the current directory (with progress bar provded by pv).  there are 2 good patterns at play here.  First, the find command piped to the read command, which handles files with spaces in the name nicely.  Second, the pipe of pv to md5, which gives ...

Google Stole Control P, Command P

Google Stole Control P, Command P
Have you noticed that Google Chrome now uses it’s own print dialog box when you press [CTRL]+P on PC or [COMMAND]+P on mac for print?  Now you have to use [CRTL]+[SHIFT]+P on PC and [COMMAND]+[ALT]+P on a mac to use your normal operating system’s print dialog.  Google’s print dialog is worse than the built-in one, ...

Windows 8 Consumer Preview: The First Several Hours

Windows 8 Consumer Preview: The First Several Hours
Will the installation routine make it past 71% of Expanding Windows Files?  Tune in next week — no seriously, next week — to find out.

Issawi’s Laws of Progress

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If you do a google search for 80042316, you will find a load of forums and support sites with lengthy discussions on fixing the Volume Shadow Copy Service, which was introduced in Windows 2003. Now, I know this is an old issue, but it still seems to be causing problems for people. There are loads ...

Testing Code Highlighting WordPress Plugins

This is my first post to a new WordPress blog. I am testing code highlighting because I plan to post lots of examples and snippets here. So, I want good code highlighting. The Plum Code Box plugin seems to do a nice job, and it is playing well with my theme, but but it also ...