ZFS Send/Receive Large Snapshot in the Cloud

Today I needed to migrate a ZFS pool from one server to another in the cloud.  It was about 20GB, and the standard method using zfs send/receive was not working because the ssh connection kept getting dropped.  No surprise on the connection drop for a single block of data that large, especially between competing cloud ...


This is a script to easily convert a png image to an icns in the terminal in osx, using built-in tools. Features Compatible with retina displays. Requirements You will need a source image that is 1024 by 1024 pixels. One is provided for testing. Usage Simply run the script and either specify the path to ...

Why Is IRC So Complicated?

And more importantly, why can’t those who know how to connect explain it worth a damn? Please, anyone who knows, I beg to you tell me how to connect to an IRC channel here. Any Bloody Channel – I don’t even care which topic.

Facebook Just Got Shittier I

Mark Zuckerberg, the new dictator of Facebookistan   Facebook makes it official – an external advertising network is coming soon Facebook Selling Ads Through Phone Numbers

Windows 8 Consumer Preview: The First Several Hours

Windows 8 Consumer Preview: The First Several Hours
Will the installation routine make it past 71% of Expanding Windows Files?  Tune in next week — no seriously, next week — to find out.

Issawi’s Laws of Progress

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