Logitech Media Server Scanner Stops Finding New iTunes Playlists

My Logitech Media Server (aka Squeezebox Server or LMS) stopped finding new iTunes playlists at some point and I couldn’t figure out why.  After updating, rescanning, resetting, etc., I was still in the dark.  It would find and add new songs, but not new playlists.

Here’s what happened:

iTunes switched at some point from using the iTunes Music folder to using the iTunes Media folder.  Since I had configured the iTunes folder on the Basic Settings tab of the LMS settings, the new songs were being added as a result of a folder scan, but the iTunes plugin was not finding the songs, and as a result not adding the new playlists because they appeared to be empty playlists to LMS.

Solution: I used the instructions for Upgrading to iTunes Media organization from Apple.  This got all my media in a single place, and once I ran the LMS scanner again, it found all my songs and playlists, both old and new.


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