Mac How To: Make Chrome open a New Window for External Links

This is just too handy to not bump up. I am a big chrome user, and one of the annoyances I had was then when I click on a URL in my mail application, or when I run a Quicksilver trigger that opens a URL, the most recent existing Chrome window would get pulled out of my dock, and and the new URL would open in a new tab in that window. This was an annoyance, because I group tabs in windows according to what I am working on. When I open a new URL from an external program, it is almost invariably a new thing that I am working on, so the first thing I would have to do is pull the new tab off the old window, and then re-minimize the old window back to the dock. Small, but annoying. This handy trick solve the issue:  How to make Chrome open a new window for external Links



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