Google Stole Control P, Command P

Have you noticed that Google Chrome now uses it’s own print dialog box when you press [CTRL]+P on PC or [COMMAND]+P on mac for print?  Now you have to use [CRTL]+[SHIFT]+P on PC and [COMMAND]+[ALT]+P on a mac to use your normal operating system’s print dialog.  Google’s print dialog is worse than the built-in one, with less options and features.  For instance, I cannot choose my black-and-white only printer settings to save toner on my HP Laserjet CP2025DN colour printer.  Further, it prints headers and footers by default, with no option to turn that off so that you have to un-check the box every time your print if you don’t want headers and footers.  So now, no matter what, I have to do more to get the same results.  One word: evil.  Why?  Because changing the core universal functionality of an operating system with your web browser is evil. Google, just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

UPDATE: See the Screenshot.  In order to bypass this (unacceptable) behaviour, type about:flags into your Chrome address bar, and then disable Print Preview.  Nice of them to let us know that they will be taking away that option in the near future.

UPDATE: To permanently bypass the Google Chrome print dialog on a Mac, run this line at the terminal:

defaults write DisablePrintPreview -boolean true

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